Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Name is Bill Windsor, I am a Sexual Pervert -- Lawless America Cult


William M. Windsor - Lawless America


Sexual Deviant Bill Windsor

So Bill tried to co-op a real reporters story on rape and incest.  Bill used it as an opportunity to seek out people to tell him their stories involving rape and incest.  He can no longer be bothered by women with custody issues, but he is more than happy to hear a detailed sordid story of rape or incest.  He sent out this plea:

DO YOU HAVE A STORY OF SPOUSAL RAPE OR INCEST? (cuz I really get my rocks off reading it!)

I am communicating with a newspaper writer who is researching a story on spousal rape and incest. He is particularly interested in speaking with survivors whose abuse allegations were handledeither in criminal or family courts. If you would be interested in sharing your story, please email with the subject in all caps: RAPE.

Read the rest here - you wont believe your eyes

This is the making of a rapist, A Pedophile. Someone who has erectile dysfunction and the ONLY way he gets his rocks off??


William Windsor Predator

Yup you got it..... Sexual Predator.