Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dossier: Warren Farrell

Warren Farrell is an icon for  radical mens cells as Osama bin laden is for the violent Jihad movement.  References from his books can bee seen on nearly every radical mens cell in the world.    In his book The Myth of Male Power, he distorts the perception of women as though they are an object to exploit and despise of if they do not submit to every demand.   His literature has become the precipice of rage towards government and the erosion of basic human rights of women and children at their mercy.    One of the most alarming aspects of this leader, is his promotion of incest and rape:

In penthouse magazine interview, he referred to incest as though it were a positive experience for all family members concerned:

In an article called Jihad and rape go hand in hand, the words are different, but the intent is the same:

One of the quotes of Warren Farrell, compares womens rights as though they are the war instigators:

The Al Qaeda had a similar message when France made a law against burkas to stop the subjecting of women:

In both statements, it was made out to be that those who try to promote the rights of women are the ones who are terrorists.