Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Dossier: Warren Farrell

Warren Farrell is an icon for  radical mens cells as Osama bin laden is for the violent Jihad movement.  References from his books can bee seen on nearly every radical mens cell in the world.    In his book The Myth of Male Power, he distorts the perception of women as though they are an object to exploit and despise of if they do not submit to every demand.   His literature has become the precipice of rage towards government and the erosion of basic human rights of women and children at their mercy.    One of the most alarming aspects of this leader, is his promotion of incest and rape:

In penthouse magazine interview, he referred to incest as though it were a positive experience for all family members concerned:

In an article called Jihad and rape go hand in hand, the words are different, but the intent is the same:

One of the quotes of Warren Farrell, compares womens rights as though they are the war instigators:

The Al Qaeda had a similar message when France made a law against burkas to stop the subjecting of women:

In both statements, it was made out to be that those who try to promote the rights of women are the ones who are terrorists.

Dossier: Mike J Murphy

Mike Murphy describes himself as an activist for fathers4justice. He is also a follower of the pro-pedophile philosophy created by DR Richard Gardner. His views have beencompared to those of NAMBLA(North American Man – Boy Love Association) and rejected by the scientific community.  Despite Murphys claims that there is no evidence he abused his children, he makes a bizarre statement that he believes that he is an abuser:

His intentions clearly go well beyond the realm of activism:

And This:

Dossier: Jeremy Swanson

Jeremy Swanson, a Canadian fathers movement leader believes he was unfairly denied contact over owning guns.
Quoted on Angiemedia,  Mr Swanson stated:
On Otwatta mens centre, is his version of his story on why he believes that he was withheld contact with the children:
Then this:
Jeremy Swanson can be found on Facebook wearing a military type outfit in a hostile pose.  He describes his obsession with props and roles associated with violence as “normal”.
Whilst the rest of the intelligence community catches on slowly, Britain has officially classified fathers rights groups as “domestic extremists”.   Below is an email  from Mr Swanson posted to an online fathers rights group:
Mr Swanson also appears to have a drinking problem:

Dossier: Mark K Godbey

Mark K Godbey has a long history of frivolous litigation against his ex wife.  Despite numerous restraining orders made against him, he continued to persue her through the courts.   He was sentenced for contempt on two occasions.
Alike most advocates for shared parenting, he publicly claims to promote that children are better off with both parents and privately cheers on cases where the child has been deprived of the mother:

Dossier: Judge David G Miron

According to the department of Justice complainant Dorinda Freymiller, David Miron was involved in a bribery ring that perverted the course of justice.
In the case of State v. Peters, a Marinette County case, PAULUS accepted a bribe inreturn for using his position as District Attorney to intercede with the Marinette County District Attorney. In a letter dated July 9, 1999 to David Miron, then the Marinette County DA, PAULUS represented to Miron that Peters had been working with Winnebago County authoritiesin drug trafficking and possession of stolen property cases in the city of Oshkosh, and had been”extremely cooperative.” PAULUS asked Miron to amend the felony charge Peters was facingin Marinette County to a misdemeanor charge, on the basis of the information provided to Winnebago County and for ‘the undercover work he will perform for us.” The Marinette Countycharge was eventually amended to misdemeanor.
In a recent case, he jailed a mother for thirty days and further ordered that the sentence is cumulative if her daughter continues to resist visits to her father with a history of substantiated abuse.

Dossier:Donald Tenn

Dossier on Donald Tenn
In the examiner, you will find a one sided story on why Donald Tenn, the cell leader of fathers 4 justice is facing charges.  The details omit as to whether Mr Tenn was in fact charged for battery of his former wife, but they do include the application for restraining orders.   Below is the news report edited by one of the F4J members:

More details will be included in this post as they arrive.

Introducing MISS

We are pleased to announce the launch of MISS.   For too long the intelligence community has worked for the interests of government, but failed to deliver upon the interests of its people.
The resources available to the intelligence community is enough to uphold the human rights of women and children, yet they have so far failed to do so.  The groups that threaten the rights of women and children are and have been considered in the past as home grown terrorists.   Since the early eighties, these groups formed from various professions and associations with only one goal: destroy human rights for women and children.  Taking into account the legislative, political and economical changes over the years since their involvement, they have succeeded in achieving these goals.