Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dossier:Donald Tenn

Dossier on Donald Tenn
In the examiner, you will find a one sided story on why Donald Tenn, the cell leader of fathers 4 justice is facing charges.  The details omit as to whether Mr Tenn was in fact charged for battery of his former wife, but they do include the application for restraining orders.   Below is the news report edited by one of the F4J members:

More details will be included in this post as they arrive.
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  1. I have it on good authority that before his court appearance rather than being in Columbus Ohio, Donald Tenn was in Watseka, Illinois (only a mere 117 miles from his ex-wife who has alleged domestic violence from him). He allegedly was arrested for suspicions because he had an empty beer bottle in his car. At first it was alleged he was driving without a license, and then the source changed that information.
    I will continue to monitor and report in with new details as they break.

  2. I should also add I am compiling a dossier on his cohort – Paul Fisher. I have lcoated transcripts and will be working on the court records from his case as well.
    Again expect reports as they come into me.
    Mz Natashe Fatale signing out for the day……..